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Period Sex

Sex During Periods: Ride That Crimson Wave

Author: Heather Pringle I’ll just get straight down to it. Sex during your period is safe, hot and really not as gross as you might think. Forget your fears; riding that crimson wave can give you the most intense sex session of the whole month, (sex that is well worth washing your sheets for). In […]

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Menstrual Cups – Riding the (red) Wave of the Future

I am afraid of everything. Before the Ruby Cup made its way into our hearts (and other body parts), it first made an appearance on the desk of my colleague who was just about to interview Maxie and Eva for our blog. We stared at the inviting pink package with wide-eyed interest – and the […]

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Take Ruby to Bed

Author: Heather Pringle for Ruby Cup In my very first Ruby Cup blog, I am going to pull back the covers on a few sensual secrets about your menstrual cup and you. Just in case being a super-healthy, sustainable, and environmentally-conscious product wasn’t enough, it turns out your Ruby Cup could be doing wonders for […]

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