Healthy and Hygienic

Ladies, if you are anything like us then you know health and happiness are the top priorities in life. During your period, health is even more important – did you know that menstrual cups are a healthy alternative to tampons and pads?

Menstrual cups are the modern hygiene product – they take care of your vagina, so you can take on life! We have put together all the things you need to know about health and hygiene during your period.

Health benefits – top facts

  • No chemicals or perfumes
  • Doesn’t absorb your menstrual flow – so no drying out
  • Made from 100% Medical Silicone

Your health

Pads and tampons can contain chemicals that cause irritation to your most intimate areas, affecting your health, happiness and sex life. Menstrual cups are a healthy option that keep your body in balance throughout the month. Cups have no hidden chemicals or toxinswaist and they take care of your vagina’s natural bacterial balance.

We run through some of the great health benefits:

Vaginal health

Menstrual cups are hypo-allergenic, so no vaginal discomfort or irritation. Cups are also free from chemicals, dioxins or fragrances that may alter your vagina’s natural pH.

Sex life

Cups collect menstrual flow instead of absorbing, meaning your natural lubrication stays put, (ready for anything.)

Staying active

If you have an active lifestyle you can continue your fitness healthroutine  throughout the month. Menstrual cups are discreet, comfortable and can be worn for up to 12 hours, allowing for any kind of physical activity. Exercise can help to beat menstrual pains and problems.

Have a look at our FAQs for any more questions concerning allergies, and vaginal and sexual health.

Menstrual cup hygiene

Hygiene is important during your period, so take care of your most delicate areas. When it comes to hygiene, the most natural, neutral options are the best.  Plastics and chemicals used in producing tampons or pads can cause unwanted problems; bacterial imbalances, skin irritation or dryness.

Menstrual cups are a hygienic alternative and are made from 100% medical grade silicone, a hypo-allergenic material. They are inserted like tampons, but collect your menstrual flow and fit to your body; no irritation, no leaks and no odours. Your cup will give you the freedom and security to enjoy everyday life as usual. Have a look at our easy to use guide on Getting Started to find out how to make a change to a healthier hygiene product.

Learn more

Making a positive choice for your health is a step towards a happy menstrual period. Have a look at our additional links, below, which will guide you through making the change, or answer other menstruation or cup questions you may have: