Our story

Julie, Maxie and Veronica (the Ruby Cup founders), didn’t just want another menstrual health solution for themselves, they wanted it for women and girls in low-income communities, too.

After studying sustainable business strategies and social entrepreneurship at business school, they decided to put their heads together to come up with a business that would help make the world a better place.

Julie, Maxie and Veronica explain their story: 

Julie: “Until Maxie came along and introduced Veronica and myself to menstrual cups, we were completely unaware that they existed. And that’s not all we didn’t know…“

Maxie: “After a bit of research, we discovered that millions of women across the globe go without access to menstrual products. They simply can’t afford it. This isn’t the only thing holding them back…“

Veronica: “In many of these communities, menstruation is a taboo subject. It’s not something that’s talked about. That means many young girls start their periods without knowing what is happening to them. Imagine the fear and shame they felt—we knew we had to put an end to it.“

And so, Ruby Cup was created: a business school idea, combined with a passion for change, resulting in a product that’s already helped more than 50,000 women and girls enjoy worry-free periods.

Join us on our Ruby Cup revolution and let’s start changing attitude and lives.

Try Ruby Cup with no strings attached

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