How do women in Kenya manage their period?

Try to put yourself in the following situation: you have your period but no access to any kind of menstrual hygiene product. You’re bleeding but have nothing to stop the blood with, what would you do? Normally, you would find a shop or pharmacy where you could buy tampons or pads or ask a fellow girl to help you out. In Kenya, millions of girls and women do not have access to menstrual protection, because those products are way too expensive or not accessible.

More than 40% of the population has to get by for less than 1.25 USD per day. Come the day of the period, a mother needs 1 USD for a pack of pads, or more likely, 3-4 USD to cover the needs of herself and her daughters. Asking for help is not an option, since menstruation is such a taboo, so girls don’t dare to talk about it. The result is to bleed in silence, too ashamed to leave home.

Menstruation is one of the main factors that girls drop out of school. The lack of menstrual hygiene products makes them stay at their homes because they are afraid of leaking. Ruby Cup has a social mission and supports girls in Kenya with a Ruby Cup and education. Our vision is, that every girl has access to Menstrual Hygiene and can stay in school when she has her period. Read more here!

What Does Ruby Cup Do?

For every Ruby Cup that we sell via our online shop, we donate one to a girl in Kenya.

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Education and Training.

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2014 in Kisumu

Let’s start the conversation about menstruation. This is our Ruby Cup trainer Rachel. She helps us break the taboo and talks to the girls in Kenya about all those really important issues related to menstruation. We want to ensure that they are well prepared before they start using a menstrual cup and we believe in the power of education.


Watch this video to see how our education sessions work!

Why Menstrual Hygiene Day?

You wonder why you have not heard about Menstrual Hygiene Day? It only started last year – and about time! We are so happy about the network of activists, enterprises and NGOs that give their best to improve menstrual hygiene world-wide.

We have to break the BLOODY TABOO! We have to start the conversation about menstruation so it becomes natural to talk about as the natural things it is, for women AND men. Let’s work together so menstruation becomes something nobody has to be ashamed of and something that will never ever hinder your opportunities for education.

Do you remember the three key words in our Teaser Video? Girls should manage their period in ‘Dignity, Privacy and Safety`. You can be part of that mission! Make a donation now and give a Ruby Cup and education to a girl in Kenya. Please share our campaign STOP #MENSTRUPHOBIA!

Wanna learn more? Watch this insightful footage about the taboo of menstruation in Kenya: