Q&A with Bryony Farmer from Precious Star Pads

There’s a place on YouTube that has answers to all of your menstrual cup questions. It’s a channel called Precious Star Pads by this stellar person called Bryony.

This is her:

Bryony Precious Star Pads

At the end of April, we’re going to meet her and make a youtube video. Together we’ll get to the bottom of some of your menstrual cup and period questions.

Bryony Precious Star Pads
Submit your questions to contact (a) rubycupcom or via Facebook until the 25th of April, and get your questions answered in a Youtube Video (we’ll only use your first name or any name you choose).

Your curiosity might just get you a Ruby Cup for free

Amongst all submitted questions, we’ll hold a raffle where 3 lucky winners will get a Ruby Cup of their choice including a special handwritten message from Bryony.

Join the conversation and learn about menstrual cups.

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Happy periods and lots of love,

your Ruby Cup Team