From menstrual huts to drinking blood. The weird and wacky world of cultural attitudes to menstruation. Pt.1

Many cultures around the world have customs that restrict menstruating women. Whilst these are associated with traditional attitudes, the approach adopted by western, or westernised societies is considered ‘modern’. We may find ourselves being critical of local practices that impose menstrual prohibitions, but with many cultural traditions being replaced by western menstrual customs and beliefs, […]

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The beginning of a new adventure

I was watching a documentary about Noam Chomsky the other day and a very simple idea struck me. In Chomsky’s words: “…you have to develop an independent mind, and work on it. Now that’s extremely hard to do alone…You can’t fight the world alone.” (Chomsky is an intellectual and political activist who, with his radical […]

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Ruby Cup study in Uganda

Over the past course of the year, Ruby Cup has engaged in a collaboration with WoMena Ltd and the Red Cross in Uganda. WoMena Ltd conducted a study investigating the “Acceptability and hygienic safety of menstrual cups as a menstrual management method for vulnerable young women in Uganda Red Cross Society´s Life Planning Skills Project“. […]

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Ruby Cup in Zambia

In collaboration with Eventure in Zambia and the generous sponsorship by two private individuals, around 15 school girls have receivd Ruby Cups. We are extremely delighted about this partnership and are going to develop it further during the course of next year. We are looking for sponsors that would like to purchase Ruby Cups for […]

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Ruby Cup presents at Socap Sweden

  A short recap by Veronica was summing up her experineces. Behind the Numbers is – Dating!- Thoughts from a start-up social business The main thing that stuck in my head after participating at SoCap was Niki Armacost saying: “The hook up between an investor and an entrepreneur is like a relationship, it requires dating”. […]

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Ruby Cup in Wamba

Until this date, we have only been introducing Ruby Cups in urban areas around Nairobi. However, the real challenge lies in investigating feasibility and likeability of Ruby Cups in rural areas. Again, the contact to a women’s group in Wamba came in very handy and we were able to provide Ruby Cups to three school […]

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Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition

We couldn’t believe it, when the message arrived that Ruby Cup was selected semi-finalist at the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition in Seattle. So happy to have been selected, we all tried to participate, which was made possible through generous support received from  Copenhagen Business School. We had fun all the way through! As part of […]

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Red Cross Uganda pilots Ruby Cup

The Red Cross Uganda study focuses on empowering girls and women through the introduction of menstrual cups as a method for menstrual management. Maria Hyttel (on the picture) did a wonderful job educating all participants in usage of Ruby Cup, menstrual hygiene and basic reproductive health. And what were the results? So far, girls in […]

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Ruby Cup in the news

While in Nairobi, we had the honour to speak to a Danish journalist who organised a press meeting for us back in Denmark. We were lucky to receive our first newspaper attention during “cucumber time” when nothing much is happening in the state of Denmark. An article was made public by the Danish Newspaper, Jyllandsposten, […]

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