Our new Ruby Cup: Good things come in small sizes, too.

Every day more women and girls are using menstrual cups; opting for the most healthy and long-lasting product out there to manage menstruation. The word is out – healthy, happy and hygienic periods are trending in more corners of the world than ever before, and Ruby Cup are in the thick of it.

Ruby Cup girls

With more customers (of all ages), Ruby Cup has gotten more customer requests, questions and calls for advice. Many women and girls want to know how to make the switch from tampons or pads, and are looking for the smoothest way to transition to a healthier product. Others want to help their daughters to start using Ruby Cup, and have questions about size, comfort and usage.


We want to make sure that Ruby Cup is available for anyone and everyone, and so we have launched a new product, Ruby Cup Small, just for that reason. Until now, Ruby Cup came in one size that fits vaginas of any age, before or after childbirth, but we have listened to customer needs and recommendations and designed a new product to give you even more choice.


Ruby Cup size comparison

It is not always easy to break with old habits, but using a new product that improves your health and makes each month easier to manage, means the change is well worth it.

For some women, the idea of starting to use a menstrual cup is a little daunting – it’s all new, and although insertion and removal is very similar to a tampon, many women fear that using Ruby Cup might be difficult. And that the products seems big in comparison.

We wanted to offer you, our dearest customers, a product that looks visually even more simple and straightforward to use. Ruby Cup small is the same product, same high quality material, but a smaller size – it helps to make the first step.


For some girls, a light or irregular flow is normal when they start menstruating, and for them Ruby Cup small is perfect. We have had a number of requests from mothers who were hoping to help their daughters to use Ruby Cup by finding a small cup to get started with. We know how important it is to feel confident and secure when you start your periods, so we want to give as many girls as possible that opportunity.

For women of all ages who have a light flow, experience breakthrough bleeding or spotting in between periods, the Ruby Cup small is the perfect product to use. For women or girls with a medium to heavy flow, Ruby Cup Medium is the perfect choice. Still in doubt what to choose? Contact us at contact@ruby-cup.com

Medium Small Cup Size Tabelle


Dimensions of Ruby Cup Small and Ruby Cup Medium

Ruby Cup Medium

Cup LengthStem LengthTotal LengthDiameterCapacity to the RimCapacity to the holes

Ruby Cup Small

Cup LengthStem LengthTotal LengthDiameterCapacity to the RimCapacity to the holes
46mm19mm65mm40mm24 ml19ml

By adding Ruby Cup Small to our product range we hope to make great menstrual care available to women and girls no matter the flow, what age and stage in their life.

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Leanka Sayer

Leanka’s job is to talk about periods. She is currently the Content and Community Manager at Ruby Cup, an award-winning social business that sells menstrual cups, where for every Ruby Cup you buy, you automatically donate another one to a girl in need.She advocates for period positivity and having a healthy relationship with your menstrual cycle. Leanka studied Communication Science in Vienna and has been working for Ruby Cup since February 2014 - first in Berlin, now in Barcelona.