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Hymens, Virginity and Menstrual Cups in East Africa

Menstrual cups can be a weird thing to wrap your head around when you first hear about them. However, more and more women are sharing the life-changing benefits of menstrual cups. But they can be even more life-changing for girls and women who can’t afford any menstrual product at all. In Kenya, a country where 65% of […]

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Menstrual Cups Arrive in Kenya

After a busy month of April and after we completed our #brainpower campaign on Indiegogo successfully (thanks to many wonderful Ruby Cup supporter, we went to Kenya to distribute the first batch of Ruby Cups to one of our partner organisations that is based in Kisumu, the Golden Girls Foundation (GGF). It was a great and […]

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Rachael’s Life with Ruby Cup

Rachael has been working for Ruby Cup as promoter since December 2012. Due to her quick ability to understand and her talent for management and coordination, she quickly became main Ruby Cup promoter, helping other promoters to improve. She is an integral part of the Ruby Cup team in Kenya and her happy nature brings […]

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