Can A Menstrual Cup Get Lost Inside the Vagina?

That is probably the number one fear of new menstrual cup users. Picture this scenario: you’re about to take your Ruby Cup out but – it’s not there anymore! It seems to have disappeared. Adios! Bye bye! No more menstrual cup. But you know it must still be in there somewhere. We’re used to money disappearing, boyfriends disappearing BUT Menstrual Cups!?

Okay, jokes aside. The internet is actually full of questions from worried menstrual cup users, who are worrying themselves crazy about whether it’s possible for a menstrual cup to get lost inside the vagina. That is a pretty nasty fear to have, but we’re here to ease the worry.

Menstrual cups can’t get lost inside your vagina

Time to learn some biology! Menstrual Cups cannot get lost inside your vagina. It’s anatomically impossible.

Fem repro diagrams-2 Pink-gold
The reason for that is quite simple. Unless you are giving birth to your child, your cervix acts as a barrier between the uterus and the vagina, so there is no way your menstrual cup could get lost inside you. The vaginal canal is like an elastic, muscular tube. Your vagina isn’t a black hole. Or more adequately put, this means that the vagina does not connect to other parts of the body, so your fear of “Can my menstrual cup get lost inside my vagina” can be neatly erased from your list of worries.

What To Do If You Can’t Get Your Menstrual Cup Out

Now that you know that your menstrual cup can’t get lost inside your vagina, here’s what to do when you’re having troubles getting it out:

  1. Relax: First of all, relax. You know that nothing can happen, so you don’t need to panic.
  2. Use your muscles: Start by squatting down on the floor and while still staying relaxed, push “down” with your abs. Or if you can locate and control your pelvic floor muscles, use them to push the Ruby Cup down.
  3. Try to get the stem: Once you’ve pushed the Ruby Cup down with your muscles, you may have to insert your fingertips a little until you can grab the stem, slightly pull it down a bit more (usually it won’t move a lot because of the vacuum) and then pinch the bottom of the cup to break the suction.

If you had difficulties the first time you were using a menstrual cup, don’t give up! Just like putting in contact lenses, it takes practice and time to perfect the handling of it. Have patience and sooner than you think you’ll be a pro in handling your menstrual cup :)


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