Period Calculator

Your period doesn’t have to rule your month. Modern women have busy lives, so it is important to get the most out of every day. Using a menstrual cycle calculator or Period App can help you to map your month and predict when your period will arrive. Be ready for every date, business meeting, and wear that bikini with confidence!

3 Reasons for using a period calculator:

1.  Plan

Your period will usually arrive every 28 days. Recording when it starts and ends means you can plan hot dates, girls holidays and special events, knowing that your period won’t make an unexpected appearance! Check out our Menstrual Cycle page to find out more about what to expect at each stage of your cycle.

2.  Pregnancy

Your most fertile time is 2 weeks after the first day of your period, this is when you are ovulating. If you are trying to get pregnant, you can use the calculator to pinpoint when you are at your most fertile, or if you don’t want to get pregnant, you know when to take extra care during sex!

3.  PMS

Tracking your cycle with a menstrual cycle calendar will let you know when to expect the ups and downs of menstruation, and prepare you to combat period problems. You may have PMS symptoms in the week before your period starts – chill out with a bar of chocolate, and check out How To Manage PMS for some great solutions.


Use a period tracker and solve period symptoms

Menstruation can come with some period symptoms that are controlled by your lifestyle and your hormones, and can be very common. You may want to track them to help you compare each month, so you can be ready to beat the problems with simple solutions.

Symptoms can vary between women and typically include:

If you find that your period is irregular or very heavy, or if you are experiencing period pains check out our Period Problems pages for some causes and easy solutions.

Tracking your menstrual cycle

When to see a doctor

If your period changes and symptoms like headaches, cramps or heavy bleeding become difficult to manage, visit your doctor for a health check to rule out any underlying health issues.

Learn more

Do you have more questions or concerns? We have put together helpful pages to answer your period questions. Have a look at our additional links:


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